International Insights Podcast – Europe and Negative Interest Rates

Stuart Quint, Investment Insights PodcastStuart P. Quint, CFA, Senior Investment Manager and International Strategist

This audio podcast was recorded March 19, 2015:

Stuart’s International Insights Podcast focuses on a new and growing phenomenon in European fixed income–negative interest rates

Highlights of the discussion include:

How did we get here?:

  • ECB QE drove bond values up and yields down
  • One out of every five euros of government debt trades with a negative interest rate (0 such securities existed in the summer of last year)
  • Non-ECB banks Switzerland and Sweden cutting interest rates to dissuade capital inflows in an effort to manage exchange rate
  • Asset managers and insurance companies trying to fund longer-term liabilities but they earn lower or negative spreads without price appreciation.

Potential implications:

  • Scenario 1: Little to no economic growth
    • Near-term, stimulative to European equities
    • Potentially helpful to the U.S. dollar, but less so for export earning of large U.S. companies
  • Scenario 2: Moderate to high economic growth
    • ECB potentially steps back to review QE perhaps pushing bond yields upward
    • Fixed income globally would be most at risk

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