International Insights Podcast – Implications of Major Central Bank Moves in Switzerland and India

Stuart Quint, Investment Insights PodcastStuart P. Quint, CFA, Senior Investment Manager and International Strategist

This audio podcast was recorded January 15, 2015:

Stuart’s International Insights Podcast focuses on small markets potentially creating big implications for global markets.

Highlights of the discussion include:


  • Central bank cut interest rates and removed the link of the Swiss franc to the euro
  • Background discussion and what it means for global currencies
  • Losers: carry trades, mortgage holders in Eastern Europe, Austrian banks


  • Central bank cut interest rates modestly, but still sent a major global signal
  • Falling inflation and government reform both key for future cuts
  • Major emerging market able to stimulate growth while others are doing the opposite

Click here to listen to the full audio recording

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