Investment Insights Podcast – August 21, 2015

miller_podcast_graphicBill Miller, Chief Investment Officer

On this week’s podcast, we focus on two important areas of the economy as noted by Economist Don Rissmiller (recorded August 19, 2015):


  • Employment:
    • Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) often used as a technicality with good or bad unemployment rates
    • However, there’s nothing actually nefarious about the number and (because it is falling) is more a function of baby boomers aging
    • Despite falling, the LFPR does not diminish the success we’re seeing in getting people back to work
  • Interest Rates
    • Fed has interest rates at 0%, so may see a gradual increase up to somewhere around 2%
    • If interest rates do in fact rise, it would behoove the Fed to have them match the inflation rate as to not damage the economy

Overall, the economy feels mid-cycle, people are going back to work, and appear to be in a position to handle slightly higher interest rates.

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The views expressed are those of Brinker Capital and are not intended as investment advice or recommendation. For informational purposes only. Holdings are subject to change.


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