Investment Insights Podcast: Emerging Markets – Going beyond the headlines

Holland_Podcast_150x126Tim Holland, CFA, Senior Vice President, Global Investment Strategist

On this week’s podcast (recorded July 28, 2017), Tim takes a closer look at Emerging Markets and why we own them.

Quick hits:

  • After under-performing U.S. and developed international equities for several years, Emerging Market equities are outdistancing both asset classes since the beginning of 2016.
  • The four largest emerging markets on an adjusted GDP basis are Brazil, Russia, India and China, often referred to as the “BRIC Countries.
  • While there are many positives to investing in emerging markets, there are also meaningful risks including political instability, infrastructure problems and currency volatility.
  • Considering the cyclical and secular tailwinds, we are overweight emerging market equities and remain constructive on the asset class.

For Tim’s full insights, click here to listen to the audio recording.

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The views expressed are those of Brinker Capital and are not intended as investment advice or recommendation. For informational purposes only. Holdings are subject to change. Brinker Capital, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor. 

Foreign securities are more volatile, harder to price and less liquid than U.S. securities; and are subject to different accounting and regulatory standards, and political and economic risks. These risks are enhanced in emerging markets countries.

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