Investment Insights Podcast: Pointing towards a global re-acceleration

Hart_Podcast_338x284Chris Hart, Senior Vice President

On this week’s podcast (recorded December 12, 2016), Chris is back discussing how economic and market data have been more favorable and point towards a global re-acceleration.

Quick hits:

  • Risk assets continued to move higher
  • The past week saw a continuation of the “Trump Trade” where pro-growth and pro-cyclical areas of the markets fared best.
  • From an equity sector perspective, cyclicals such as Financials and Industrials continue to be the recipients of strong flows
  • Within fixed income, the credit backdrop remains supportive and treasury yields continue to rise.
  • Current expectations are for a hike in short term interest rates likely by 25 basis points
  • There is good participation across sectors and not the very narrow leadership environment we saw in 2015

For the rest of Chris’s insight, click here to listen to the audio recording.

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