Investment Insights Podcast: We are likely in the 7th inning of this game

Chris HartSenior Vice President

On this week’s podcast (recorded June 15, 2018), Chris discusses what we should expect in the later half of the cycle.


Quick hits:

  • In a widely anticipated move last week, the Fed raised its policy rate by 25 basis points up to a range of 1.75% to 2.0%.
  • It is important to remember that late in the cycle, by definition, means that there is still room for growth and expansion.
  • The Fed has to walk a tight path as it works to balance the risk of overtightening and choking off economic growth with the risk of overheating the economy.
  • Regardless of whether you tend to lean dovish or hawkish, there are indicators in the fixed income markets to watch for that help assess the potential for recession in the intermediate term.
  • Regardless of one’s opinion on policy and interest rates, we have consistently highlighted a theme of the road to interest rate normalization and the risks of policy uncertainty.

For the rest of Chris’s insight, click here to listen to the audio recording.

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