Investment Insights Podcast: Your Third Quarter Status Report

Hart_Podcast_338x284Chris Hart, Core Investment Manager

On this week’s podcast (recorded August 30, 2016), Chris is back on the mic to provide a market update as the end of the third quarter draws near. Discussion topics include the health of global and domestic markets and reaction to the latest Fed meeting, but here a few quick hits before you listen:

  • So far in the third quarter, despite major indices posting modest losses last week, markets continue to move higher as we approach Labor Day and the end of summer.
  • Fed Chair Yellen is still not willing to commit to a rate hike, but also noted that the case for a rate hike has strengthened in recent months.
  • While the September rate hike probability fell to less than 10% post-Brexit, it has now moved to 42% according to Haver Analytics in recent weeks.
  • Overall, we remain constructive on risk assets, but believe prudence is warranted and volatility should continue to trend higher.

For the rest of Chris’s insight, click here to listen to the audio recording.

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