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17 Sep 2020
Market Perspectives

Putting politics aside

We live in red or blue states; we tune into liberal or conservative media outlets; our President is either Making America Great Again or an existential threat to our Republic; on it goes. Yet, consider how policymakers—including House Speaker Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and…

Market Perspectives

Creative destruction

Economist Joseph Schumpeter coined the phrase “creative destruction” to describe the way innovation in the manufacturing process increases productivity while destroying the old way of doing things as a new efficient way is developed. This idea has been expanded to many other contexts as we…

Market Perspectives

Vlog: Quarter-end Q&A 1Q2020

Tim Holland, CFA, Global Investment Strategist, asks and answers three top-of-mind questions as investors receive their quarterly statements and reflect on the past quarter: Have we seen the bottom in the stock market? Have the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government done enough in response…

Behavioral Finance

The eye of the storm

As a Florida native and South Florida resident seeing the store shelves empty and people stock up on supplies out of fear is eerily reminiscent of the days leading up to a hurricane. Last year, as a ferocious category 5 hurricane pummeled the Bahamas just…

Behavioral Finance

Overcoming fear

As I’ve listened to and counseled some of the best financial professionals in the country over the last few weeks, one theme emerges: fear. Health-related fears. Financial fears. Fears about the future of our country. Fears about the uncertainty shrouding the world. There’s no shame…