Investment Insights Podcast: The 60/40 portfolio in a world of rising rates, falling bond prices & increasing volatility

Tim Holland, CFA, Senior Vice President, Global Investment Strategist

On this week’s podcast (recorded April 27, 2018),
Tim takes a closer look at the 60/40 portfolio, including how the past few years were particularly conducive to such an approach to portfolio construction and why we have likely just entered a more challenging period for this model.

Quick hits:

  • Over the past few years, both bonds and stocks moved higher in value, really an ideal – and unusual – environment for a 60/40 approach.
  • We think 2018 marks the beginning of a tougher road for the 60/40 portfolio.
  • We also think 2018 marks the beginning of a more favorable environment for Brinker Capital’s approach to portfolio construction and asset allocation.
  • We remain constructive on the outlook for both the economy and risk assets as we move through 2018.

For Tim’s full insights, click here to listen to the audio recording.


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