Investment Insights Podcast: Investor sentiment vs. corporate sentiment

Jeff Raupp, CFA
Director of Investments

On this week’s podcast (recorded January 19, 2018), Jeff focuses on two indicators we include on the Brinker Capital Market Barometer, namely investor sentiment and corporate sentiment, and our thoughts on how they impact markets.

Quick hits:

  • If investors are extremely optimistic their expectations are high, and a certain degree of good news is already priced into the market, whereas bad news may come as a surprise and cause markets to pull back.
  • If companies have a high level of confidence, they’re more likely to invest in capital expenditures or hire additional people, both of which are good for the overall economy.
  • Intermediate-term indicators like corporate sentiment are ones we weigh heavily. While short-term indicators like investor sentiment are considered, their impact on positioning is much smaller.

For Jeff’s full insights, click here to listen to the audio recording.

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