Top 10 Things Smart Investors Never Say

With the market in flux, it’s important to think rationally and practice patience. To accomplish that, here are 10 phrases you should NOT be telling yourself:

  1. I got a great stock tip from a friend of a friend.” – Herding
  2. “This time is different.” – New Era Thinking
  3. “I should have seen the crisis coming.” – Hindsight Bias
  4. “I check my account on the hour.” – Myopic Loss Aversion
  5. “This is can’t miss!” – Overconfidence
  6. “It just feels right.” – Affect Heuristic
  7. “…but Jim Cramer said…” – Appeal to Authority
  8. “Rebalance? Why bother?” – Status Quo Bias
  9. “I’m on a hot streak right now!” – Gambler’s Fallacy
  10. “I can always start saving later.” – Hyperbolic Discounting

Views expressed are for illustrative purposes only. The information was created and supplied by Dr. Daniel Crosby of Nocturne Capital, an unaffiliated third party. Brinker Capital Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor.

A Reliable Partner Dedicated to Delivering Better Outcomes for Advisors and Investors

Widger 4_v2Charles Widger, Founder & Executive Chairman

By now, many of you are aware of Curian Capital’s decision to exit the fee-based business to focus on the core activities of Jackson National Life Insurance Company.  I am sure there are many strong, global, corporate considerations that led them to this determination; nonetheless, it does not alleviate the disruption to impacted financial advisors and investors.

This situation reminds me of the motivations that led me to create Brinker Capital 28 years ago.  When our original parent company, Mutual Benefit, floundered in 1991, it was part of an unfortunate reoccurrence taking place in the financial service industry.  Venerable names like E.F. Hutton, Kidder Peabody and Prudential Bache were also falling by the wayside.  I was determined to make Brinker Capital different.

That is why I built an organization with the laser focus of helping advisors and investors succeed by delivering a premier investment experience that would allow them to achieve the outcomes that they were seeking.  I surrounded myself with professionals who were committed to this same vision, and I’m proud that six of the eight founders are still here today and further, that over 40% percent of my employees have been here for over 10 years.

Brinker Capital is 100% employee-owned. That has allowed us to make thoughtful, long-range decisions without outside ownership staring over our shoulder.  We are proud of our independence and will continue to be independent. Independence empowers Brinker Capital to continue to build this great organization that for 28 years has, and always will, put the advisor and investor first.

I, along with my colleagues, will continue to provide the best in investment management and advisor support.

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Brinker Capital, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor

Educating Clients in the Search for Yield

Stuart Quint, Investment Insights PodcastStuart P. Quint, CFA, Senior Investment Manager and International Strategist

We were proud to be Premier Sponsors of this year’s Financial Services Institute’s OneVoice conference. We participated on multiple panels while there and had the opportunity to network and hear from many industry experts to learn about the latest within the industry.

I participated on the panel, Educating Clients in the Search for Yield, that addressed the issue of whether or not alternatives provide a legitimate and sustainable source of income. After a great discussion, we concluded that investors need to understand what they are buying and should consider these issues when doing their due diligence:

  • There is a variety of alternatives that come with lower (but not zero) correlation to traditional asset classes (equities and bonds) absolute return, real asset, BDC, private equity strategies have different return and risk profiles; liquid and illiquid structures.
  • It is important to be aware of the risk components within strategy: interest rate, credit, operational, funding risk.
  • Don’t stretch for promise of high yield as high yield is only one part of total return.

Click here to listen to the audio recording.

Introducing the New Website

Sean ForcineSean Forcine, Interactive Media Manager

As the interactive media manager at Brinker Capital, I’ve witnessed the evolution of our business, brand and culture for the better part of a decade. The industry and the world around us has of course evolved as well. Smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, social networks and so many other advancements have dramatically changed the way we access and share ideas and information. That’s why Brinker Capital is continuously looking at how we can best reach our community of financial advisors and investors. With this philosophy in mind, I am pleased to announce our latest enhancement—the NEW website.

Our new website has been completely redesigned, giving it a more user-friendly layout and interface. Less text, more white space, and more images and videos are just a few of the features that make the website more aesthetically pleasing and easier to digest the content we share.

Some of the other enhancements to include:

  • Greater access to content on our products and services
  • A centralized Resource Center housing all of our marketing materials
  • More investor-facing materials for advisors to share with their clients
  • Mobile access from any smartphone or tablet
  • Seamless access to the Brinker Blog and social media networks
  • Deeper insight into the Brinker Capital culture was a labor of love for the past two years—and we did it with the direct help of our advisors. We wanted to know what content advisors across the industry wanted to see and how they wanted to access it, so all of these changes were designed with the advisor and investor in mind.

I could certainly go on, but I invite you to visit the new and experience the improvements for yourself. We would love to hear your feedback, so in keeping with the spirit of why we designed the website, please let us know what you think, positive or negative, or offer suggested enhancements by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you.