Thank You, Veterans

shutterstock_125204504In May of 2011, the Brinker Capital family lost one of its own in Charles “Chief” Burton, who passed away from cancer at the age of 65. As a former Naval officer, we remember Chief on this Veterans Day for the legacy he left and for his unique story that has become a part of our company culture.

During the Vietnam War, Chief was the captain of a PT (Patrol Torpedo) boat tasked with patrolling the rivers in search of enemy strongholds. On one particular instance, he was made aware of an order to take out an enemy village. It just so happened that Chief had recently been through the targeted village and knew that there were no enemy soldiers there. When he communicated this information to the general, he was sternly told to follow orders and continue as instructed. It was then that Chief made a decision that would impact not only his life, but the lives of countless others—he refused the order.

Refusing a direct order from a commanding officer got Chief court-martialed, but the decision to do so proved right. They determined that his intel was right and that there were only civilians in the village they were ordered to attack. Chief was later exonerated and served out his punishment—no ice cream for a week (or something equally as trivial). He would later receive the Navy’s Commendation medal.

Today, Brinker Capital presents the Chief Burton Award of Courage at the end of each year to honor an employee who has faced a difficult situation and met it with the same strength, integrity and bravery as Chief to overcome and make a difference. So on this Veteran’s Day, we say thank you to Chief, our other veterans at Brinker Capital—Chuck Widger, Lee Dolan, Tom Daley, Jeff Raupp, Jay O’Brien, Jim O’Hara and Bill Talbot—and to everyone who has served and protected our country.

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