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26 May 2022
Behavioral Finance

Overcoming fear

As I’ve listened to and counseled some of the best financial professionals in the country over the last few weeks, one theme emerges: fear. Health-related fears. Financial fears. Fears about the future of our country. Fears about the uncertainty shrouding the world. There’s no shame…

Behavioral Finance

Noise vs. information

In my days as a clinical psychologist, my first ever rotation was at an inpatient eating disorder clinic. The  treatment consisted of many things you might expect—nutritional counseling, psychotherapy, and group therapy—but it also included one element you might not expect: media training. You see,…

Behavioral Finance

Win the day

As a child, my father (himself a financial advisor) had a single obsession—paying off our house. For him, debt was a burden he hated so thoroughly he referred to it as “a four-letter word, just like the rest of them.” To track his progress toward…

Behavioral Finance

Into the unknown

Seeking respite from what has been a trying few weeks in the markets, I recently sat down with my kids to watch (OK, to re-re-re-watch) Frozen 2. Despite turning on the movie to unplug, I unintentionally found it filled with good ideas for investors who…

Behavioral Finance

When it rains

Most of the focus on COVID-19 has understandably been on its physical impact, but the psychological impact of a pandemic is also worth considering. Social interaction is a huge source of psychological wellbeing, and its loss, paired with concerns about the market, as well as…